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120 hour Juice Culture Metabolic Cleanse

For those who know me this isn’t my first rodeo. I have dabbled in 1 and 3 day cleanses but I wanted to push myself and try a 5 day Cleanse.

After much research looking for a juice cleanse Melbourne company that had juices with the right balance of ingredient to make them delicious to last the 5 days and had raving reviews, I decided to try Juice Culture.

I love supporting local plus businesses that use local ingredients. Fresh produce is carefully and gently hydraulically cold- pressed to capture rich nutrients without harming or heating.

Juice Culture is dedicated to producing products that are environmentally responsible and amazing for the body!

Everything from where our produce is sourced, our solar energy presses… how organic waste is recycled… is a reflection of our environmental responsibility awareness action plan.

Why did I want to do a 5 day cleanse?

Recently I have not been feeling entirely myself. Ranging from being super tired (sleeping over 10 hours a night), no motivation (my creative side is suffering), breakouts, feeling cold, dry skin, loss of concentration and memory loss. It is all taking a toll and was making me crave sugar and carbs more than normal.

I think I am decently healthy. I live an 80/20 lifestyle. 80% of the time I am good and 20% of the time I treat myself and enjoy my salt and vinegar chips, a cocktail or two, and some wood fire pizza.

After some research, I realised it might be my metabolism which is slowing down. I am less active than usual with gyms being closed, I am struggling with another lockdown and have really gone into my shell.

Juice Culture had the answer! They specifically have a cleanse called the Metabolic Cleanse. Exactly what I was looking for. The main difference with this Juice Culture Metabolic Cleanse compared to others I have done is this is 6 juices and 2 High Shots a day.

The High Shot doses of cayenne, ginger & turmeric will spike your metabolism, improve immunity, kick start the fat burning process whilst the calming greens, beets & carrot flushes the system to reduce bloating.

The cleanse came with simple instructions and tips to get you through your detox recommending a juice between every 1 – 2 hours keeping you full and your energy levels up. It also gives the body enough time to fully absorb the nutrients in each juice.

The benefits from cleansing can include:

· More energy

· Clearer skin

· Weight loss

· Stronger immunity

· Greater mental clarity

· Reduces abdominal bloating

· Improves sleep quality

· General wellbeing

I received a text message that my order was on the way with an estimated delivery time. This gave me plenty of time to clean out my fridge and make some room for all the juices. Being in lockdown and cleansing has been super convenient as they are all located with easy access and no need to carry them to work with me.

My daily routine:

Wake up: Celery

10.30 am: High Shot (turmeric, ginger, lemon, cayenne, apple, organic honey)

11.30 am: Envy (mint, spinach, celery, apple, orange, lemon)

1.30 pm: Rave (beet, celery, carrot, apple, ginger, orange, lemon)

3.30 pm: High Shot (turmeric, ginger, lemon, cayenne, apple, organic honey)

5 pm: Celery

6 pm: Bling (carrot, ginger, turmeric, apple, orange, lemon)

7.30 pm: Envy (mint, spinach, celery, apple, orange, lemon)

9 pm: Tea

10 pm: Bed

Day One

I started day one strong. I knew what to expect having cleansed before. I just wasn’t sure how I was going to go 5 full days with no coffee or solid food. I started my morning with a bottle of celery juice (literally just tastes like celery). As I sipped on my juice, I made a list of my goals for the next 5 days to keep me accountable. I powered through the rest of my Zoom meetings, juices, and teas finding out that each juice was more delicious than the next. I went to bed early prepared to tackle my day two caffeine withdrawal.

Day Two

Wow did the caffeine withdrawal hit me hard. I was drinking 3 coffees a day so I expected the withdrawal to be a decent headache. I broke up my routine by working outside in the sun to add some Vitamin D into my day which made a huge difference to my mood. I made it through the workday and had a 30 min nap after work to get me through the remaining caffeine withdrawal headache. I made sure I was taking my juices at the allocated times.

Day Three

My headache had disappeared (YAY!). I was feeling clear-headed and energetic even after 2 days on liquids only. My sleep pattern had already improved and I was feeling more motivated. I kept busy cleaning and I enjoyed a bath, did a body scrub to continue to help my body expel toxins.

Day Four

I thought I was going to feel hungry by day four. Instead, I started feeling amazing and a difference in my clothes. I didn't crave my usual morning latte as I had now replaced it with a tea. I wrote down the times I was going to have the juices and went for a nice slow walk to get my steps in.

Day Five

By today I knew my body and what time to take the juices just before I would feel hungry. My list of goals on my fridge kept me motivated. Winter has taken a huge toll on my skin this year, along with stress and not being able to see my facial lady regularly it's been so important to look after myself from the inside. Knowing that the next day was measurement day kept me motivated and strong for the last 24 hours of the cleanse.

Fast forward to day 6 (weigh-in)

Well, I didn’t only make it through the full 5 days with no solid food or coffee, I thrived!

  • I didn't go hungry

  • They tasted delicious - some of the best I have had!

  • I would highly recommend

  • I would definitely do it again!

My skin is much clearer giving me a kick start on my new facial regime, I was sleeping a solid eight hours a night and I don't feel as sluggish or bloated. My digestion feels so much better.

I lost 3 kilos and a total of 6cm from my upper and lower stomach.


The balance between the fruit and vegetables was perfect. This definitely made it much easier! I love that the ingredients label tell you exactly what and how much of each fruit and vegetable it is made up of. The High Shots were a favourite, along with the Rave and Bling. I would buy them to enjoy as a snack and to add nutrients to my day!

Thanks to Juice Culture I feel a little lighter and my jeans are fitting comfortably (without having to take them off after an hour). I am ready to tackle lockdown with a new perspective. This isn’t the end of my journey. Now that I have cleansed my insides, I will continue my waking up and bedtime routine of 8 hours sleep, no phone before bed, drinking tea at night, add complex carbs to my diet slowly and continue to keep my greens in high quantities in my cooking.

I highly recommend Juice Culture for a juice cleanse Melbourne. I would definitely do their cleanse again! Their service was amazing, they have a great selection of cleanse options, delivery was on time and the juices were delicious with just the right amount of fruit to make them sweet enough to enjoy! It is no surprise that they won multiple gold medals at the Australian Food Awards. Feel tired? More bloated than normal? Your skin struggling with the weather? Are your insides not feeling the best? Moody? All great reasons to start a Juice Culture cleanse and rid your body of toxins!

I’d love to hear about your cleanse results!

Da Adriana xo

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