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24 hours in Milan

If you can only spend one day in Milan these are my must sees to experience the most of Milan in the shortest time. The beauty of Milan is that everything is in walking distance, which is super helpful.

Espresso -

Start your morning with a biscotti (biscuit) and espresso, since it is the Italian way to start the day. I am all for the carbs, cut meats and cappuccino for my morning and Milan did not disappoint.

Duomo di Milano -

If there is one must see in Milan it is the Duomo di Milano.

The duomo took nearly six centuries to complete where construction began in 1386. It is over 150m long and its architecture inside is as breathe taking as it is on the outside.

This church allows you to climb all the way to the roof to see the beautiful landscape of Milan.

Rooftop bar -

In the piazza del duomo there are multiple rooftop bars which give you an amazing view of the duomo while you enjoy a classic Italian drink and snacks. My mum and I headed to the Aperol bar for a spectacular view of the Duomo while being served different types of drinks made with Aperol as the base.

Piazza del Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuale II- This is an easy one to tick off. Since you are already there to see the duomo and potentially head to a rooftop bar you can walk around the piazza del duomo and do some shopping which the famous fashion capital is known for, while visiting the Galleria Vittorio Emanuale II.

Lunch or dinner with a Duomo view -

I obviously can not get enough of the Duomo (it is my favourite duomo I've seen, yes a bit of favoritism).

The outskirts of the piazza del duomo is surrounded by restaurants to your hearts content to have a lunch or dinner with a view, or head into one of the side alleys for secret spots and later enjoy a night stroll with a gelato.

Pinacoteca di Breva - This is the main public gallery (for paintings) in Milan.

Corso Como - you will find all your needs covering shopping, fashion design, art, and nightlife.

Arco della pace - this means the arch of peace. It is a 26min walk from the Duomo giving you ample time to stop off at some cafes on the way for a quick espresso and see some views along the way.

San Siro stadium -

For the soccer lovers this is a no brainer! Walking into the change rooms is an experience on its own, while seeing the largest stadium in Italy itself and picturing the games atmosphere that would take place is off the charts.

This list unfortunately does not even cover 1/10th of what Milan has to offer but once you go you will want to go back to see more including Sforzesco Castle, Teatro al scala, Santa Maria della grazie, Sempione park, Basilica San Lorenzo Maggiore, Naviglio Grande and Torre Branca to name a few.

P.S - Don't ask for a Latte because you will get a glass of milk (latte in Italian means milk). Always ask for a cappuccino.

Da Adriana xo

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