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8 calories & no sugar?!

Yep! You read that correctly. Famous Soda Co is providing delicious soft drinks without all the nasties and no sugar. They are only 8 calories each, are sugar free and made with natural ingredients. Famous Soda Co doesn't need much of an explanation of how good they are. They justify themselves through their taste! I love that I don't have to give up soft drinks to look after my health. When I crave a sweet drink I go straight to the Pink Lemonade. So pretty!

Now that it is winter I really struggle leaving the house. But Famous Soda Co brings summer to me in a bottle. I Love up to rug up and enjoying my drinks while watching movies. There isn't much to do being in a winter lockdown so bingeing on my favourite tv shows is how I spend my nights. It has been great enjoying a sweet drink while doing so without the guilt. I am trying to maintain a balanced lifestyle during lockdown without sacrificing delicious food and drinks. Lucky I found a great alternative at my local Coles.

I want to clear up - just because it is sugar free and 100% natural does not mean it is tasteless and boring. They are the complete opposite and damn right they should be famous soda's, they are so bloody good and made giving up sugar and soft drinks so easy. Alcohol on the other hand is a little bit harder. But with these sodas I can mix up some guilt free drinks quickly including Vodka and Pink Lemonade (my favourite) or even gin and lemon.

I first found Famous Soda Co in Coles but they also have their own website. To combat COVID they have started selling their products through their website. (Discount code: ADRIANA20). Their attractive packaging and sugar free label first attracted me to buy it, along with their price point. Sugar free and cheaper than Kombucha I had to give them a go. I tried Pink Lemonade and Passionfruit. I was quickly hooked and had to reach out to the Famous Soda Co team to let them know how much I loved their products and our relationship grew!

For everyone who has been on my blog before knows that I love supporting Australian businesses. I am proud to say that this is another one to add to the list and not only are an Australian business but also Australian Made! This mother and son dynamic duo have been mentioned by the Sunrise team, Bondi Beauty, Pedestrian TV, KIIS Radio and many more. Plus scoring a deal with Coles and Woolies. Love love LOVVEEEEEE!!

Sugar has so many negative effects that many of us are unaware of and is not really talked about a lot. It affects our health, obesity and Diabetes 2 just to name a couple of the issues that arise from sugar. At Famous Soda Co they are producing sugar free drinks to help change the world one sugar free drink at a time.

Famous Soda Co recently launched bottles extending their range to both bottles and cans. There is a flavour for everyone too!

Blood Orange - taking your taste buds to a Italian summer

Pink Lemonade - Prettier and tastier than normal lemonade

Passionfruit - my favourite, great taste but not overly sweet

lemon - so versatile (second favourite)

Ginger Beer - my dads favourite which he can now enjoy guilt free

Cola - Think Dr Pepper with no sugar

There is also a discount code ADRIANA20 for 20% off your order from their website to give them a go until 9th August.

Famous Soda Co is not only found in Coles and Woolworths but also in cafes, caterers, schools and Uni's. Their packaging with gold label is premium and beautiful. They made great water bottles and even as small vases to put flowers in. I hate throwing them away because they're so nice! It is fun finding new ways to recycle glass bottles.

Can't wait for my next weekly shopping trip to pick up a few more bottles!

Have you tried Famous Soda Co? Which was your favourite?

If not, it's not too late! And don't forget to use ADRIANA20 for a great discount before the code expires to discover your favourites. Hope you love them as much as I do.

Da Adriana.



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