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Bangn Body, yes please!

We've all seen the hype around Bangn Body, especially with every influencer on Instagram using this product. And who wouldn't want a Bangn Body with no cellulite, scars or stretchmarks? Everyone has experienced one of the above, either from the gym, weightloss, pregnancy, pimples and multiple other causes. So finding a product that can help all these skin concerns is a huge win, while smelling like a Pina colada! But does it work?

Let's cover the product basics first. Australian made - which we know I love, vegan, nasty chemical and cruelty free, which are really important for me when I am looking for products which I plan to use on my face. The main focus of their products are firming and anti-ageing without using countless products, without breaking the bank and without having to purchase 12 different things. Sounded perfect! So I ordered the Bangn Body firming lotion right away!

The delivery came super quick, which was a huge bonus. The bright yellow aluminum tube was both aesthetically pleasing while also sustainable.

Here are my thoughts on the Bangn Body lotion, let me know in the comments what you liked about the other products too!

Bangn Body Lotion Review:

WOW! After the first 2 weeks since I purchased this delicious pina colada smelling lotion, the only word I could think of was WOW! I have been to see multiple people about my skin and always end up leaving with a tablet or countless products which will take 2 hours to cleanse my skin and have not seen results as quick as I have with Bangn Body. My face has multiple scars from pimples and I also get adult acne which hormones are to blame a lot. Since starting Bangn Body 6 weeks ago I can confidently say my scars have reduced by HALF and no longer have dry patches which I was getting due to an allergic reaction I had over a year ago (sadly I still do not know what it was from).

At this point of lockdown, reality is I am living in trackies and alternating jumpers. I was hoping working from home would help my skin but the struggles of lockdown, anxiety and diet plus hormones which are uncontrollable, all play a part in my never ending skin saga. I suffer hormonal pimples badly! I had taken a break from using Bangn Body but sadly my hormonal pimples returned. I decided to try Bangn Body again and after 7 days of using Bangn Body my skin improved heaps! (Apologies on the 'stay at home' look in these pics! Gosh I can't wait to get my eyebrows done). I want to share my real story with everyone online and I don't filter any of my pictures. My life is not perfect and clearly nor is my skin. But it is a work in progress and with Bangn Body's help I am more confident and my skin is continually getting better.

I no longer wear makeup. I use the lotion twice a day and it sets in perfectly into my skin. A lot of other moisturisers I have used generally sit on the top of my skin and have not absorbed entirely. This absorbs completely and leaves my skin with a dewy finish without looking oily. It is also the perfect primer under my makeup since it dries completely allowing the makeup to glide onto my face, without it moving around and never setting. I have generally oily skin and hesitate putting moisturiser onto my skin, but this was a dream come true.

My under eye area has always been an area of concern for me especially in photos. This lotion brightens my eye area, adds moisture while ensuring I don't look tired. The perfect all-in-one product! Heaven sent!

I had gotten a spray tan for date night (when Melbourne wasn't in lockdown) and this ended up lasting over 7 days without drying out, cracking or becoming patchy by using Bangn Body all over my body after a shower and before bed.

My mum gets really dry hands, especially now that we are constantly sanitising our hands. We have found our knuckles are becoming very dry. I gave her my Bangn Body to try and over night her hands looked moisturised and not as dry. She came over to me and said 'it smells amazing and it worked!' (I might have to get her a tube of her own because she keeps stealing mine now).

Bangn Body description:

  • Bangn body ingredients are known to reduce redness, smooth bumps, and help with breakouts while reducing inflammation.

  • As it increases skin circulation and collagen production it helps reduce cellulite, stretch marks and scarring.

  • Brightens, hydrates, firms and tightens skin

  • It helps fight radical skin damage and helps slow down the ageing process.

Now when I say this is an all-in-one product I am not lying. It can be used as a moisturiser for both your face and body, primer, as a hand cream, spot treatment and face mask. It is simple and effective which is what I love most about it and a little goes a long way!

With all natural ingredients including Jojoba seed oil, Coconut oil, Sun flower oil, Aloe Vera leaf oil, Shea butter, Green coffee bean extract, avocado oil and pineapple fruit extract I didn't hesitate trying this product on my face (but a spot test never goes astray if you're nervous).

Since using the product I am more confident to leave the house with no makeup on and am now ready to get my hands on the rest of the collection including the Illuminating cream, body scrub and the eye and lip gloss.

This has definitely been a major face game changer for me and the best online find!How did I not find this earlier?!

It is a miracle lotion and it definitely does what it says it does. I can't wait to see where my skin will be in a few months using this product and if it helps with the ageing of my eyes and crowsfeet. Still a bit early to say whether it has made a huge difference but from the results on my scars and finish of the product on my skin plus my elbows not being so dry, I am excited to see my future results!

Let me know your thoughts and results in the comment section! Would love to know what products worked for you.

Can't wait to follow up in a few months!

Da Adriana xo

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