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Be Fit Food - MY RESULTS

14 days came and went so quickly. I am so glad I finally stopped saying 'I will start tomorrow' and just started.

The last 14 days have been life changing and my passion for healthy, tasty food is back!

The ability to cook these meals not only in the microwave but to mix it up and defrost them to enjoy cooked in a pan or the oven has been a game changer. Along with being able to see every ingredient inside!

My favourite items I ordered included the Double chocolate muffin, the curries were all amazing and I really enjoyed the Italian meatball dishes. To be honest the list goes on.

I had the best time trying new things, different recipes and coming up with ideas to make the meals taste different even if I was using the same base. My favourite combination was the Italian meatballs baked in the oven with mushrooms, spinach, olives and feta. (swipe right to see more delicious meals).

I only have one meal I personally wouldn't order again and that was the Mexican bean soup. It was tasty just not a personal favourite.

The snacks! These were my favourite time of the day because I knew there was a dim sim waiting for me. I didn't have to cut out fruit from my diet (which usually is the first thing diets exclude) and was able to enjoy prawns , eggs and many different types of snacks to keep me going.

My boyfriend commented saying 'this is the best "diet" you have gone on. You're happy and it is so balanced'. And he is 100% right! I didn't have to give up the things I loved, I wasn't missing out on exciting food nor was I going hungry or starving... and when I’m hungry I get hangry which I am sure resonates with many!

Click on the link for more information.

I managed to get 3 walks into my first week but made a conscious effort to walk every day my second week. It was only for half an hour but it was better than nothing. I drank 2.5L - 3L of water a day. If I went out to a bar or restaurant, I would order a soda water with lime and mint. Made me feel like I was holding a mojito without sacrificing everything I had done. It also makes people think you are drinking so they don't question it, which made it easier to stick too.

My skin! I usually have huge breakouts during my period and when I change my diet. To my surprise I only had 2 pimples during my period and the change in diet didn't affect me negatively at all. Instead my hair is healthier and curlier without products, my skin is glowing and mood is so much better. This all happened in 14 short days. (Curly hair with no products pictured right!)

I loved this program! It is as simple as that. If anyone asked me who this is suitable for I would say EVERYONE! My mum is gluten free and there are so many options for her to enjoy as well. I didn't go hungry which has made this so much easier to stick too and I don't call this a diet. It has been a lifestyle change for me.

Christmas I had really lost focus on what was important. I generally eat healthy and manage to get my steps in for the day but I am also a serial yo-yo dieter. Coming closer to 30 and having to think about the internal and external factors of my body, I was looking for something that was balanced, healthy, delicious and had all the good things including chocolate. I gained control back and the reminder that healthy food is delicious, fun and exciting. I am back to my fun, loving self and now look in the mirror and see a proud, healthy, strong woman who can achieve anything I put my mind to.

For more information and a cheeky discount on the Seasonal Challenge use adriana21.

Now I am sure majority of you have skipped down to this part and are are all wondering... but did she lose the 5 kilos? The results are in and I am happy to say **drum roll please** I managed to lose 2.5 kilos and a total of 36cm around my whole body. (Click right to see more before and after images).

I may not have lost the 5 kilos of weight but what I gained was priceless. Plus I am super happy with 36cm. I now focus more on the cm and how I feel compared to weight. the before and after photos show such a difference within 2 weeks but it doesn't show how amazing I feel.

I will definitely be ordering Be Fit Food again. The variety and ability to mix it up was my favourite part. It is great for the health conscious, time poor or even just looking for something different but healthy! It has truly shown me healthy alternatives to my favourites. As a lot of Melbournians are, I will be returning to the office soon. I am not huge on meal prep and these will be the perfect solution to having fresh frozen meals ready to add vegetables too on my lunch break to enjoy without having to stress about cooking in bulk or thinking I have to eat chicken and broccoli everyday (BORINGGG).

With lots of people becoming vegetarians, vegans and health conscious, restaurants are beginning to have more and more options available which made this easier so you do not have to miss out while being on the 14 day challenge. Just add an extra walk into your day and make sure you don't order any alcohol or soft drinks!

Looking back at my first day I thought 800-900 calories was nothing! I was wrong. I was always content with the amount I was eating, I increased my water intake and the food was delicious.

If you want to start something or try something new don't wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. Start now. Be your best, no one else's and make sure you're doing it for all the right reasons. And remember self love, respect and happiness doesn't come with size. We all deserve those things. But being healthy and living a balanced life can provide energy and change your mood to be the best you!

I can't wait to continue my journey and maybe even take part in the be rapid challenge to continue my journey to my six pack by September.

Each of you are beautiful inside and out. I hope this has motivated you try something new even if it is to paint, cook or read!

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions about Be Fit Food! Direct message me at adrianavanni__ on Instagram!

Da Adriana.


ps. visit to order the seasonal challenge to become your best and feel your best. Use adriana21 to get your hands on the program with a discount!!

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