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Be Fit Food -My new BFF!

7 days on and it is definitely true! You are what you eat. Eating healthy, well balanced meals 5 times a day has been amazing. I have more energy and happy to say my bloatedness in my stomach has reduced by half! (Suffering from polycystic ovaries I struggle with bloatedness and lower stomach weight loss).

My Be Fit Food arrived perfectly packed and on the day I had selected, as promised. I neatly packed my freezer the first day ensuring I had visible and easy access to all meals. I still can't believe that there are chocolate muffins in my freezer. Anyway, getting side tracked.

The first day was super easy. I kept busy and continued my intermittent fasting, only having a coffee before 12pm. My first day I enjoyed French eggs for breakfast, Italian meatball soup for lunch, a nectarine for my first snack, Italian lasagna with a side of tomatoes and mushrooms for dinner and chocolate cookies with a green tea as dessert. I had visitors over and didn't want to miss out.

Having a pre-prepared snack ready for times like this definitely helped. I didn't feel as though I was being anti-social while others were eating cake because I had my very own chocolate cookies just for me, which were delicious. I have learnt through this first week that you can enjoy your life and that there are healthy alternatives for the things I love.

A week on and I am still enjoying my meals, changing them up and don’t feel hungry!

Let's talk flavour of the meals.

I have had a few people mention that they lack salt and sugar and simply that's because they do. In saying that I haven’t found my cookie snacks or any of my food yet to be flavourless or needing extra sugar. I love the fact that the meals are prepared using a lot of herbs and spices to create flavour and being allowed to add extra fresh herbs, chilli plus lemon and lime has dramatically changed the flavours of the meals.

Different herbs and spices have different benefits including protecting your immune system, providing energy, detoxification along with being so tasty. I have been adding extra herb salads to my meals as they are very low calorie but also filling. I love the parsley salad I make which also has benefits for bad breathe (which can be a side affect of ketosis), supports bone health, helps with your heart health and even has antibacterial properties. I haven't missed having a lot of sugar in my life because I chose a few snacks and breakfasts that were muffins, I am getting my little bit of sweet I need to keep me on track without compromising the challenge.

My favourite meal so far has been the Indian curry which I mixed in cauliflower rice. (Pictured right).

Hot Tip: Swap your breakfast muffin with another meal so you can snack on your muffin during a movie, or as your dessert. Moving meals around keeps It interesting. Don’t forget to add your own touch so they don’t always taste the same.

The meals take between 2-5 minutes in the microwave from frozen which means I can prepare my sides for the meal and have my main meal nice and hot straight on the plate when I am ready to eat. For more information visit

I have tried to do a keto diet before and struggled, thinking it definitely wasn't for me. This meal plan is well balanced and allows me to enjoy my favourite vegetables on top of the meals that are provided which made me so happy. I don't feel sluggish as I am eating the correct types of foods to allow my body to enter ketosis without compromising on my health, cholesterol or energy levels. I guess Keto is for me after all!

Now the Keto Blues... if you have tried keto before than you know what I'm talking about. And it’s not fun. Did I feel like I needed extra coffee after the first few days when my body finally starting going into the ketosis stage? Yes. Did I get a headache after the first few days? Yes! But having 5 meals a day kept my energy levels high, I am counting the amount of water I am drinking every day to continue to flush my body and I am finding the snacks are the perfect sweet boost you sometimes need to get you through your day.

I did find day 4 I was a little hungry in the morning but that was because I accidently skipped a snack during the day and did not introduce enough proteins and filling vegetables to my dinner when I went out. Which was a great learning experience of what to order when I do go out and what fuels my body to keep going!

I suffered my first headache on the 5th day which I thought was pretty lucky! My solution was heaps of water, an espresso shot, I had fruit as my second snack to add a little extra sugar to my day plus going to bed earlier that night. I woke up headache free the next day and haven’t suffered another again.

I am going to sleep at the same time every night and setting an alarm each morning now too. I have a routine and avoid the phone in the morning until after my morning shower instead of it being the first thing I pick up.

The 14-day nutrition and movement booklet plus the Seasonal Challenge platform which

educates with extra information and podcasts has really helped me keep on track. Writing down what I've been eating, my mood and exercise to ensure I can keep these changes going even once these 14 days are over. I want to remember how good I feel when I eat right and exercise. The daily quotes are also a great morning start to each day and keep me going!

I have found my love and passion for healthy, delicious and balanced meals again which was my main goal. I can officially say the last 7 days have been great and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back on track.

Check out my Instagram Highlights on what I have served with my meals to keep them interesting at adrianavanni__ There is a handy Recipe eBook on the Be Fit Food website too which has some great ideas which I have used as inspiration, made and sometimes added my own twist.

Don't forget to use the following link and discount code: adriana21 to join me on this seasonal challenge journey to a healthier, happier you!

Can’t wait to share my final 14 day results!

Have you purchased anything from Be Fit Food? I would love to hear about your experiences or what you are doing to create a healthy lifestyle. Comment Below!! Da Adriana. xo

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