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Chefgood - I'm in love!

Updated: May 4, 2021

We have been renovating our house for over 2 months now. Originally, we had so much motivation and prepared a couple of lunches to take with us. That quickly fizzled out and we started to buy lunch, which not only became expensive but unhealthy.

I was looking for something that was healthy, calorie controlled, easy but also provided my boyfriend and myself enough energy throughout the day to continue renovating without feeling hungry straight away.

I stumbled across Chefgood through Instagram as a few of my favourite influencers and fashion designer eat them. As I have followed them for a very long time and they post their health and fitness journeys along with the work they do, I believed Chefgood would be the answer I was looking for (plus they looked delicious!)

It didn’t take me long to jump on the website and suss their menu. They have an amazing selection (including Greek meatballs, tomato, dill and feta Risoni – Sounds amazing right!?) With over 40 new menu items a week I am sure I will never get bored of these meals.

I ordered my 10 meals which I can decide if I want them as 10 lunches / 10 dinners / 5 lunches and 5 dinners or if I am feeling generous 5 lunches each both my boyfriend and myself. I received a confirmation text my meals were on the way and it was easy to track. As I am still working from home, I didn’t stress about the delivery time as I knew I would be home. They arrived neatly packed and cold. Chefgood does not need to go in the freezer making them taste even fresher when you heat them up. Of course you can put them in the freezer to last longer especially if you don’t think you will eat them in the time frame.

There is an option for everyone. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, calorie controlled? They’ve got you covered. Need snacks and breakfasts too? Check, it's all there! You can choose how many meals you order from 5 up to 20 meals per week.

I believe in the 80/20 rule. 5 days a week I try to stick to 1,200 calories and eat my 3 meals and 2 snacks. On the weekend I like to treat myself, have a cocktail here or there and not feel guilty for enjoying a wood fired pizza. But sometimes it gets hard tracking these calories alone.

If anyone knows me, I am always trying new things whether it is a new face cleanse, buying new shoes or a new meal service I always look for the same important key features. I want natural meals which are made with local ingredients, I need portion control which helps me count my calories and stay on track and I really do not need hidden sugar or nasties in my meals.

Chefgood follows all my key needs and more! They are made from the highest quality natural ingredients which are sourced locally (YAY) and they use seasonal ingredients which means you are guaranteed they are fresh. You never get bored with the amount of choice they offer and different meals to select from each meal and changing menu. Check out this weeks menu online!

Chefgood also make counting carbs and calories easy by showing it clearly on their packaging and on their website which means you can add it into your food tracking apps easily (they even come up on My Fitness Pal) or calculate your carbs for keto quickly. With no hidden sugar or nasties these meals are delicious, fresh and taste freaking great! I don’t need to add any additional food to these meals.

I didn’t swap out any meals. I decided I would give the automatically generated meals a go and see how we went. I didn't choose the weight loss menu for this round. My meals were roughly 400-450 calories per meal which meant I still had 300-600 calories left for breakfast and snacks depending on if I exercised or not. I even had carbs including ravioli and saw results back at the gym. The weight loss meals are roughly 350 calories.

The flavour was like home cooked.

I didn’t freeze my meals as I knew I was going to stick to a peal plan for the week knowing I had an event on the weekend I wanted to be as healthy as I could during the week. They were flavourful and balanced. For someone who loves to cook these meals were definitely very thought out. I loved that I could see all the vegetables that were included. They were not mushed or tiny. They were clearly there, vibrant and tasty! You can tell these meals are created and cooked by chefs!

They were super easy. I just needed a microwave and if you don’t have a microwave, a stove and pan or pot would definitely be great to heat these too! In just 2-3 minutes you are on the way to a hearty, healthy, filling meal (meaning no time to snack while my dinner was being cooked). Best part was they were actually filling! I did not go hungry. They are decent sized meals. I didn't feel like I had been given the smallest portion that existed and needed to eat again. The meals fuelled me for 3-4 hours before I started feeling hungry again. The Tofu Vegan salad actually had tofu. Sometimes I feel like these pre-pared meals you only get 3-4 tiny pieces of protein. This had soo much (WINNING!)

Tip: pick out the tofu from the salad before adding the dressing. Cook the tofu in a pan to heat them, place back in the salad then add dressing.

I will definitely be re-ordering the Satay chicken and brown rice, Vegan Mac and cheese, Middle Eastern Grain Salad... oh my gosh who am I kidding this list goes on.

Chefgood is a great alternative for me. As I can select the number of meals I want a week. I can order 10 meals for me and boyfriend, know we are set for lunch for the week but have the option to cook dinner together if we like. As this is the first time I am moving out we will be super excited to cook together but also be able to have meals ready to go for when I head off to work during the day. I won’t be bored of having left overs and meal repeating. Gone are the days of chicken and broccoli every day and every night!

If we know we have a busy week ahead of us we can order double the meals and know dinner is sorted without having to stress about being healthy or snacking on things we shouldn’t while we whip up a whole meal.

Chefgood will definitely be one of my go to lunches for work, even working from home. Gives me time to eat my lunch and head out for a walk instead of spending majority of the time prepping a meal.

Lets talk price.

I know majority of you are wondering is it worth buying pre-prepared meals or is it cheaper to buy the ingredients and make bulk meals myself.

Well, if you want to eat the same thing for 5 days in a row and prepare a huge batch I won't stop you. Everyone is different. The great thing about Chefgood is that you can have a different food at every meal and never get bored. That is half the battle of being ‘healthy’. I find I get bored of the food and need to think of fun recipes to keep me on track. Chefgood makes this easier and convenient which is priceless in itself for me.

The more meals you order the cheaper it gets. I ordered 10 meals which was about $11.50 per meal. I was definitely spending 5 times that on takeaway so this was definitely saving me money and my gut. I would even spend way more than per meal at the shops because we definitely get carried away. There is also no wastage with these meals. I find I always buy way too much so I either eat too much or end up having to throw out food (which I hate doing so much!)

Overall, Chefgood has exceeded my expectations and provided me with the energy I needed during renovations and a normal day at the office. They are delicious and don’t taste like a frozen meal heated up. Can't wait to try the next menu.

Visit for more information, delivery, menu items and to order.

What prepared meal plans have you tried? Have you tried Chefgood? Let me know!

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