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Cube to Smoothie

This ones for the smoothie lovers.

Introducing my new morning best friend, Super Cubes. I am a sucker for a great morning smoothie but I lack the time, I won't lie. Then there is the part where I actually have to go to the shops every few days to buy fresh berries, spinach, cucumbers and ingredients to make the smoothies, weigh everything for the right taste and texture and blend in the morning. But there is one small problem, I love that extra 15mins sleep and I really refuse to give it up.

During isolation it was fine. I was about 7 steps from my home office from my bed, having time to get up make breakfast and sit at my desk ready to start work by 9am. I knew that going back to reality I would need something I can take in the car on the way to work. That is where Super Cubes have saved my life. I'm still working from home but these smoothies have been great for my 3pm afternoon snack attack too and has me excited for when I do go back to the office that I will be prepared.

Price was also a major factor. Buying all the ingredients, some that you would unfortunately waste and not eat these frozen cubes were a no brainer for me. At $40 a box, this worked out to be $3.33 if I were to use 3 cubes per smoothie or $2.22 if I used 2 cubes. This is cheaper than my morning coffee I used to buy daily and much healthier. They also have no preservatives and majority of flavours are gluten free, which means I can share with my mum.

I am constantly looking for a cheat way to 'be healthy' without giving up everything I love and without meal prepping because nothing tastes as good 4 days later, especially after eating the same thing 12 times already.

These smoothies come in so many great flavours and all you need to do is add 2-3 cubes to a blender with your choice of milk or water, get fancy- add some extra protein or nut butters if you wish and blend. It is actually as easy as 1, 2, 3.

I added 1/4 cup coconut yoghurt, 100ml organic unsweetened coconut milk and a couple extra raspberries because they were in the fridge. Voila, the prettiest pink smoothie.

The QUICKEST and EASIEST smoothie I have ever made.

I am always looking for Australian owned and Australian made products, and I am proud to say Super Cubes is both!

They help me count my calories too which I have found super helpful. Instead of adding every ingredient and measuring them, the pack already tells me how many calories is in the serving then I add my choice of milk calories and there is my answer.

My favourites so far is the berry digest smoothie and I am going to be honest with you I may currently have 2 boxes in my freezer of them. I can't wait to get my hands on the wake me up smoothie and salted chocolate smoothie. Eeppp. The things that excite me!

Let me know your favourite smoothie recipes below.

Happy smoothie making!

Da Adriana xo

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