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Curly Girl Method with Pump Haircare

This one is for all my sisters out there who get their hair blow waved once a week, feel like they don't pull of their curls or are hiding their gorgeous hair in a bun! Finding the right shampoo, conditioner, treatment and styling products for hair is hard. But Pump Haircare has so many options to help so many different hair types.

After many of my junior years trying to tame my curls the heat has taken a toll on my curls, especially the bottom half! It looked like I had straightened the ends, it was dull, uneven and not even my highlights were popping like they should have been!

I am pretty lucky that you wouldn’t tell that my hair is naturally curl when I straighten it (which took me many years of practice to get down pat) but also that when I curl my hair it stays without hair spray. Now it was getting the natural spring back into my hair after dying it so many times to add highlights and dimension to the colour.

I love and wear my hair curly quiet regularly but hate the number of products I had to put in my hair to ensure the curls were bouncy and actually curly because sadly they had lost their natural spring (which was my own fault.)

I discovered the curly girl method when I was googling ‘how to make your hair curly again’.

I first tried the curly girl method in 2019. The set came with curling shampoo, conditioner, curl gel and day 2 curl spray. It worked wonders! I recently decided to get back onto the curly girl method as I added A LOT of blonde to my hair post Melbourne Covid lockdown and my curls were in need of some help.

The blonde left my hair even more frizzy, lifeless, dry and poofy! It meant I wanted to straighten it more than ever to hide how damaged the curls looked.

I went back to what I knew. Pump Haircare! This time though the most amazing pack was available! A mix of blonde and curly girl method together. I usually wash my hair once a week with a purple shampoo and now I not only had a purple shampoo but the mask to go with it.

I have been eliminating silicones, parabens and sulphates from my routine for a few months now and the curly girl method does not include any of these! Plus PUMP haircare is all-natural and made using organic and chemical-free ingredients. My curls health was on the right track!

The curly girl method recommends to only wash your hair with shampoo once a week. ONCE! I know right, it took a while for me to get used to this as well because I felt like my hair would be dirty without the shampoo component of my washing cycle. It was meant to produce some great results so what did I have to lose?

I always allow my curls to naturally dry and do not use a diffuser to dry my hair. So only using the curl cream and letting it dry on its own came naturally to me!

The method:

The Pump Blonde Shampoo keeps the yellow out of your blonde, extending the life of your colour without needing a toner between salon visits. It is Silicone-free, Paraben-free and Sulphate-free.

The PUMP CGM recommends massaging your shampoo into your scalp for 1-3 minutes. The purple shampoo can be left in for up to 4 minutes. Giving me time to brush my teeth, wash my face and cleanse my body!

Taking the time to look after my hair in the shower has been a ritual with the CGM and a pamper session.

After rinsing the Purple shampoo, it is time to go in with the PUMP CGM Conditioner. The conditioner promised to lock in moisture to hydrate curls. It is made with pure Virgin Argan Oil and nourishing Sweet Almond Oil. Also free from silicone, drying alcohol, paraben, sulphates and which is specially designed to enhance your curls.

I apply the conditioner to my mid length and bring it all the way down to my ends, leaving it soak for 5 minutes then proceed to brush my hair with a special detangle brush while the conditioner is still in my hair.

I have always brushed my hair in the shower with conditioner. It seems odd to me that people ask ‘why don’t you brush your hair dry or when curly?’ Well firstly the simple answer is IT HURTS! The second is because it hurts and is all curled together it makes it harder to brush it out which increased hair loss and breakage. Nobody wants that!

When I have an event on or feel like my hair needs some extra TLC I use the blonde hair mask. This can be left in for 10 minutes or more depending how yellow your hair has gone or the colour you would like to achieve. It creates the perfect fresh highlights that ripple through my curls.

To style my hair out of the shower I squeeze all the water out of my hair and put 1 pump for each side of my hair of the soft curl gel which leaves a soft to medium hold without the curls looking crunchy and like noodles. I flip my hair over and scrunch my curls with the product in my palms to product the natural curl to form.

Then we play the waiting game. I go on with my morning waiting for my curls to naturally dry.

I favour one side when I sleep which doesn’t help my curls, leaving one side super flat and one side still curly. The Pump Spring Back Day 2 Curl Refresher spray is my life savour! A few sprays of this onto the hair and a scrunch and we are back in business. Like I never slept on my hair. This also means I don’t have to wash my hair as often. WIN! Especially for those weeks when I am super lazy and only wash my hair once a week.

The Verdict!

1 month into the Pump Hair care Curly Girl Method and my curls are back! Beautiful, bouncy, ringlets and shiny. I am so happy with the results in 4 quick weeks. The simple process has made washing my hair enjoyable and the results and compliments I receive about my curls speak for themselves.

My hair is back on track to the amazing curls it once was when I was younger and didn’t know what a straightener was and Muster didn't exist. (Showing age now, aren't I?)

Everyone’s curls and hair is different, their site has so much information to help you figure out what type of curl you have to find the perfect combination to help your hair! Whether your hair is curly, dry, in need of moisture, blonde or thinning Pump Hair Care has you sorted!

I am loving my hair in its natural form and can embrace my Italian heritage with pride by showcasing glossy perfect bouncy curls!

Thankyou Pump Hair Care CGM!

Da Adriana xo

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