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How I clean my home… naturally with

Having recently moved out of home, I was looking for sustainable, natural and Australian products to help me clean my first home and keep it smelling fresh.

Is there anything better than coming home to a beautifully smelling home which is easy to clean?

I came across which not only supplies products for the house but also the body! creates and curates high quality, premium household essentials and personal care products by combining natural, pure, and stimulating ingredients.

Sustainability and looking after the earth is becoming more and more important. If we can make one change in our everyday lives it can make a huge difference to the impact we are making to the earth.

I was thinking about how I can make a change in my life that was easy and daily. I wash dishes everyday, have candles all over my house to make it smell fresh and moisturise each night. When I came across Their products could help me make a change in all three of these areas!

I have changed my dishwashing liquid, surface disinfectant spray, instead of toilet spray I use a diffuser reed near my window and have invested in their body scrub and body milk.

The package arrived in a gorgeous white box, neatly and safely packed! DEVINE!

I was so excited I opened the first bottle (thyme and rosemary dishwashing liquid) and it was amazing. I was so excited I had to show my mum!

The dishwashing liquid is a pump bottle! Genius. It is a reusable bottle and looks amazing on our black and white bench. It is gentle on my hands but it is strong enough for my dishes. It definitely passed the test! There are re-fillable tubes you can purchase. You place the product into your pump bottle and add water. Off you go again!

My next favourite product is the reed diffuser. I am usually disappointed in the red diffusers I have purchased in the past. They either take forever for the scent to travel up the reeds, the smell is never strong enough or they just don't smell of the scent they have named it.

The reed diffuser has well and truly exceed expectations. After 18 months of development they nailed it! I quickly took the lid off and placed the reeds into the bottle to place on display in our toilet. After 15minutes our bathroom, toilet and laundry smelt like a light mans aftershave. In saying that, it is not over powering where you would get a headache. It is just enough for the room to smell fresh. We no longer use toilet sprays made of harsh chemicals which are not only bad for the environment but our lungs!

Was I sceptical?

I am going to be honest; I was a little bit. I have always grown up with strong chemicals around me for cleaning and they always are the leading major brands and they do what you want them to do (most of the time).

But can natural products produce the same results?

I would say even better than the harsh products I am used to. I use my multi-purpose spray everywhere. Dining table, bench and even on my stove and oven. They come up shiny, clean, removes all food easily and makes the house smell great in a few easy wipes. I have been trying new recipes and always find the space smells of the food I have cooked. Once wiping down my areas with the multi-purpose spray the room smells clean and fresh!

This is our third week in our house and our new stone bench is white. I needed a product that would help the longevity of the bench, keep it clean and disinfect the surface at the same time for cooking.

The multipurpose spray is the solution! It is a decent size bottle and only take a couple of sprays across our long bench to clean it. It has made removing cooking stains easier (especially purple cabbage) and knowing it has disinfected at the same time, I don’t have to stress about the bench not being clean as it kills 99.9% of germs.

It is definitely different living out of home, for a house we paid for and renovated our self. After such hard work and waiting months to move in I wanted to enjoy the house while keeping it clean. I don’t want to spend hours cleaning and finding products that cut cleaning time and peace of mind of having clean surfaces where I can use one spray across multiple areas (vanity, shower, toilet, benches and door handles) during times like Covid creates peace of mind and reduces my stress levels, knowing the house is been disinfected each time I clean is a huge win. It also means I do not have 12 different bottles sitting under my sink. I only have one!

Let’s talk about the body products!

My lower calves have really suffered this autumn and winter quickly set in!. They were dry and shaving just made them worse.

I have been using the exfoliant once a week and the Miracle glow milk each night before bed. They definitely have the name right with Miracle! I have been using it for two weeks now and in such a short time I have seen a huge difference! My dry skin has reduced by half and if I go out and wear a dress the moisturiser makes my natural tan pop more and gives my legs a healthy glow. It not only rehydrates the skin but also firms, coming up to thirty (gosh yes, I typed that even though it’s a year away) this is so important to me now! I am trying to reverse the ageing process any way I can and having a product that hydrated and firms at the same time is perfect.

It is lightweight and smells delicious without it being overpowering. Certain scents give me headaches and if I wear a lotion that is scented, I find I can’t use perfume at the same time.

The is scented just enough that I can sleep at night to a relaxing smell and not have a headache when I wake up.

I use the body milk on my hands, legs and elbows! Making them look younger, hydrated and removes dryness.

Would I recommend these products?

Yes, yes, YES! 1000 times yes! They are affordable and make a huge difference to the environment.

I am a strong believer in supporting Australian businesses. More now than ever it is important that we support businesses around us. Not only do they produce jobs for fellow Australians, keep work and manufacturing here in Australia but products are sustainable, natural and work! Great for the environment and soft on the skin.

I love They are stylish, reusable and smell amazing!

My boyfriend keeps saying our house looks like a display home they match our décor perfectly! I will keep using within our home.

Have you tried natural products? What scent would you choose?

Da Adriana xo

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