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Kombucha - pronounced Come-boo-cha

I am going to keep this one short and sweet because Nexba Kombucha justifies itself through taste and its benefits. It is the best Kombucha I have tried and I don't have to give up my craving for a sweet drink since it's sugar free and good for my gut. So a massive double win! Can confirm it tastes great with Vodka too.

I have tried so many Kombucha brands in my time but this Aussie sugarless drink is the winner, price wise it's the cheapest and generally on special when I go to Coles!

Not being able to go out in Isolation made me crave cocktails soooo much more. Instead I pour my Kombucha into a fancy glass with a couple of raspberries and watch my netflix. Best winter ever.

My favourites: Mixed Berry and Elderflower and Lemon.

Just found out they do sparkling water too so if the shelf is empty you know who attacked them.

The probiotics in Kombucha help keep your gut healthy. So by drinking Kombucha I am actually drinking to a healthier me! The probiotics found in Kombucha help boost the number of healthy bacteria you have living in your gut. This helps digestion and your immune system in a delicious easy to drink way.

Let me know what you mix your Kombucha with below. Keen for some healthy mixed drink ideas. I am contemplating a Mojito with Nexba Mineral Water next. Stayed tuned on the recipes page.

Da Adriana xo

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