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Let me introduce: Unichi Wellness

Winter is upon us again and my skin is changing all over again!

I was lucky enough to be sent my favourite product Phyto Calming Essence and collagen (we all know my eyes need as much of this as it can get).

I previously used Phyto Calming Essence when I had a very dry patch and reaction on my face. I was washing my face way too much because I felt dirty and thought that others were thinking the same thing. Little did I know I was making my problem worse and stripping my skin of all the moisture it had.

Then A Phyto Calming serum entered my life! I am so excited that I am now back on the Unichi 11 Pearls Phyto Calming Essence. My Skin is sensitive to weather change. Between the drastic change of summer to winter my skin freaks out! You would think after 28 years it would be used to Melbourne weather changes but it isn’t.

The first Phyto Calming serum I used was very oily and didn’t sink into my skin very well. I produce enough oils on my face that this wasn’t the best. I could only wear it at night and even then I felt as though half was ending up on my pillow.

So you can understand that my first night putting my new 11 Pearls Phyto Calming Essence serum on I was so surprised and happy that it was lightweight and my skin fully absorbed it! This is probably my favourite thing about the product, that it is not oily and once it has settled into my skin, I don’t feel it (yay to non-greasy textures).

It is also natural and made of botanical ingredients, 2 Powerful (Micro Hyaluronic acid & Bifida ferment lysate) +7 botanical active ingredients. My body takes in so many chemicals from things such a deodorant, cleaning items and more that I always like to try a natural product on my skin first.

I suffer from acne scars, redness, sun damage and retain fluid on my face (A LOT!) I am sure a lot of us are suffering from one or more. These don’t stop me from living my life but having smooth skin makes it easier to apply makeup and look younger!

In my busy life style – between full time work, renovating, work life balance, seeing friends, cleaning and more getting some relaxation into my routine even if it is for 10minutes in my AM/PM face routine I’ll take it. The smell of this serum is so soothing and relaxing, I love to use it especially at night right before bed to calm me before sleeping.

I will be starting micro-needling soon and I wanted to give my skin a head start with this Phyto Calming Essence Serum to give my skin the best possible shot at reducing the scars and recovery process from the micro-needling.

I am 2 weeks into the 11 Pearls Phyto Calming Essence serum and my results have been amazing! I was so scared that the huge new pimple I had on my face from my monthly was going to scar which was going to be another thing I was going to have to deal with and cover. But here we are 2 weeks and my skin is already recovering with the lumps and huge pimples gone. The main benefits start to show within 4 weeks so I am excited to see where my skin will be in 4 weeks time.

The second item I received from Unichi are the Rosa Prima Rose Collagen Gummies. I know what you’re thinking. “I’ve tried marine collagen before and I hated the taste.” I know I have tried a few different ones too but this one I can easily describe in one word: YUMMMMMMYYYYYY! The moment I opened the bottle I was so excited to start taking these Rosa Prima Collagen gummies. The smell that exited the bottle as I took the lid off was divine. Collagen is a huge part of my daily routine and has been for over a year now. I truly have been converted.

These Rosa Prima Collagen gummies are so easy to take. There is no preparation, mixing into juices or coffees to hide the taste. You simply take 2 each day and that’s it. You’re done! Your collagen intake couldn’t be any simpler or more delicious.

They are sugar free and fat free which means they are like eating 2 delicious lollies as a snack without all the extra calories, plus they are helping the aging process. That’s a win, win if you ask me!

The active ingredients within these gummies include:

Marine Collagen: 1000mg of Marine Collagen per 2 Unichi Rose collagen Gummies.

What is marine collagen and what exactly does it do? GREAT QUESTION and thanks for asking because honestly, I did not know until I read about it on Unichi.

We start to lose the amount of production created by the body naturally within our 20’s. Sad I know right. I thought I was still young. Marine collagen absorption rate compared to other types is 98% as the marine collagen small molecules are close to skin structure. The unique combination of amino acids, hydroxyproline, glycine and proline are difficult to find in other protein sources. These ingredients are important to maintain the health of our skin, joints and bones. Collagen is important to ensure our skin remains plump, young, youthful, soft and reduce the rate in which wrinkles occur.

Unichi Rosa Prima Collagen Gummies also have rose hip (the ‘king’ of natural vitamin C), Acerola Cherry and Rose petals. Rose hip contains a huge variety of minerals, amino acids and important antioxidant ingredients which help the skin. These help our skin effectively resist free radicals, repair and help restore our radiance (I definitely need all of that). If those powerful ingredients weren’t enough, Acerola Cherry is one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin C. Oh but that is not all… you knew there was more coming. It also has vitamin A, E, P and B plus protein and minerals necessary for the body.

Rose petals are not only being used as a fragrance or for their taste within these delicious gummies. It was also chosen as rose petals are rich in vitamins A, C, E along with polyphenols which can help moisturise, hydrate and beautify the skin while protecting skin cells and help promote blood circulation. And we all know blood circulation is great for so many things especially for promoting collagen in the body!

Ready to get on the collagen band wagon? The lovely ladies at Unichi have given me a special discount code just for my followers! Use ADRIANA20 for 20% off! You can visit their website for more information on these products and the rest of their range.

I will definitely continue to take Unichi Rose Collagen Gummies daily. Why? Because they are sooo easy to add into my routine and they’re working. Simple! Can’t wait to get my next bottle.

These 2 products together have been my skin savers during this cold weather. I know the weather is only going to get colder and these 2 products will continue to help me towards my skin goals.

Have you tried a collagen? Do you love it? Is it the Unichi one? Did you like the taste? Let me know, I’d love to hear your opinions.

Da Adriana xo

PS. Discount code ADRIANA20 for 20% off is valid until 29.06.2021!

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