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Monday, everyday of the week.

Monday Haircare shampoo and conditioner, the hype was real ...

Hitting up Coles when they were released in store, I was lucky to get my hands on the Monday Shampoo and Conditioner I not only needed but wanted.

The shelves were bare and Instagram was going nuts over it, why?

Monday Haircare is SLS Free, Paraben Free and Cruelty Free, from NZ plus their bottles are made out of recycled plastic. It was a no brainer, I needed to get my hands on it. And lucky I did!

I got too excited and had to wash my hair, quickly realising why everyone had gone crazy on these pink aesthetically pleasing bottles which fit perfect on my shower shelves.

I purchased the Monday Haircare Volume Shampoo and Repair Conditioner 350ml bottles on special for $10 each.

Having naturally curly hair I am always on the hunt for hair products I can use when I want to wear my hair naturally curly which won't weigh my curls down down (because there goes my bounce) and that I can use when I want to straighten my hair (and look natural).

The volume shampoo quickly made my hair feel full and not lifeless, which seems to be the case after I go from having straight hair for a week to curly. I need something that would bring my curls back ASAP and this is definitely my new go to!

I always brush my hair in the shower while there is conditioner in it. The curls are a hard one to please, and I don't want brushing my hair to be a work out or to end up with half of it on the brush because I have pulled it all out due to the shampoo making it tangled and dry. The conditioner didn't weigh my hair down and brushing it was a breeze. Hello curls!

My 2019 trip to Europe I had packed 2 different shampoos and 2 different conditioners. One set for when I was going to wear my curls and one set for straightening my air. Looks like my problem is solved with Monday Haircare.

For an affordable shampoo and conditioner I purchased from the supermarket, impressed is an under statement. They were not lying when they said salon quality products and affordable.

Monday is not only a day of the week any more, it has quickly become my new hair best friend!

Wish me luck finding some more on my next grocery trip because I am obsessed.

Da Adriana. xo

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