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My favourite Sorrento Eats.

My Europe trips are based around food and beaches, which are both super easy find in Sorrento. Whether you are looking to have lunch on a budget but leave full or a delicious special dinner, you are spoiled for choice.


I know this is not a food, but this is the most important thing you must try in Sorrento! They are famous for their delicious lemons they grow in Sorrento which produce Limoncello.

This fresh zesty but sweet drink is best served cold and straight after a meal. We were lucky enough to have been treated to a few free shots during our holiday across Italy. We even bought a few bottles from the stores found on Corso Italia to bring back to Australia to enjoy.


You can not go to an island surrounded by water and not experience the beauty of fresh fish!

At Ristorante 'O Parrucchiano La Favorita we enjoyed a seafood risotto. I had been 3 years prior and was glad when I returned this place was still here surrounded by plenty of lemon trees, it is an indoor garden of beauty.

Traditional Cannoli

Cannoli are a famous dessert from Sicily but I was lucky enough to find a small dessert bar which sold traditional Ricotta Cannoli in Sorrento.

I'm usually the custard type when it comes to Cannoli, but this definitely has officially converted me to ricotta especially with the choc chip surprises in it!

Da franco Pizzeria

From pizza to sandwiches this pizzeria is as fresh and traditional as Italian family lunches come. I think my face in this picture shows that it was the best 7euro spent on a sandwich.

My mum is Gluten Free and the margherita with prosciutto on top on a gluten free base did not disappoint.

With hanging prosciutto from the ceiling it was just like nonno's garage, I felt right at home.

This find is closer to the train station side of Sorrento.

Summer day Lunch at Leonelli's Beach

My mum and I went back to this beach twice the week we spent in Sorrento, it was that good! The zucchini caprese salad was fresh and perfect for a hot day in the sun.

For the fish fanatics like myself the octopus salad was a dream come true while sipping on my Limoncello spritz.

D'anton design and bistrot

Our last night we spent bar hopping across Sorrento.

We started at D'anton design and bistrot with a cheese board (this was a huge step for me) served with cut meats including salami and prosciutto's and a delicious cocktail each. Mum loves her Pina Colada and I'm a margherita girl.

Yes I am a dishonour to all Italians, I really do not like cheese but shock horror I ate every cheese that was on the board and my only regret was not ordering a second board.

DYI Lunch

I would highly recommend stopping by a local deli and choosing your own fresh cold cuts, cheese and baked bread.

The selection is huge and the smell when you enter is even better.

They made them for us there so there was no need to go back to the hotel and make our sandwiches!

Looking forward to adding to my favourites list in 2021 (fingers crossed).

Da Adriana xo

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