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My first collab!

What a journey it has been the last 3 months! I launched my blog to share stories about my life, cooking, favourite products and health journey.

I didn't start my blog to become 'Insta famous' and honestly originally didn't think anyone would visit the page or read my posts. I did it for me. Writing all my thoughts I had in my head to share and to hopefully help others, to bring some positivity and light into their life. Even if it was only one person who read it and was inspired I was happy and forever will be.

I was lucky enough to be approached by Wednesday Cleanse Day to be apart of their 28 Day Transformation Program, which came at the right time for me. I was ready to get back into routine and back to the healthy, happy Adriana. I had enjoyed months of eating, cooking and demolishing everything I loved, but I missed the energy I had.

Wednesday Cleanse Day sent me my package and the collaboration began, sharing my 28 day journey with all of you which motivated me to stay on track. Every time I felt like going for chocolate and not doing my 10,000 steps a day I remembered I was documenting my results and wanted to inspire a health change to others, which kept me going but to also share my honest experience and struggles along the way.

It has been an honour to be apart of this transformation program and it does not end there for me. I will continue to drink my WCD until I reach my ultimate goals. The girls at WCD have pushed me, inspired me and most of all believed in not my only my blog but that I could achieve my health and fitness goals. Thank you to the WCD team for being there from the beginning!

Remember to chase your dreams and find what you love. No one can stop you except you.

Da Adriana.

P.S. Visit to order. Use ADRIANA15 for 15% off and get your hands on a rosegold straw while stocks last. I don't get a kickback from this, I just love it!

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