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The Budgie Smuggler -shake and Serve Cocktails!

The 2020 lockdown made me miss the simple things in life, like being able to go down to the local bar for a cocktail that was measured, mixed and served for me. Being in another lockdown I was on the hunt for some pre-made cocktails that cocktails that you just shake and serve.

I am a sucker for trying different cocktail concoctions but I hate how many ingredients I need to buy, measure, shake and pour. The worst part is if I don’t like one, I have decided to try I end up stuck with countless bottles of stuff that I don’t know the name of and probably will never use again. Waste of money and space!

I have been receiving emails for over 2 years from The Budgie Smuggler when I first discovered them in Ringwood researching event venues for our team Xmas party. I received the best email ever! The Australian Melbourne based bar was doing pre-made delicious cocktails delivered straight to your door. My prayers had been answered!

From serving delicious dumplings, mac and cheese croquettes plus more to now their amazing cocktails they make in house delivered straight to your door, it is not only amazing for lockdown but coming into winter it is the perfect solution. I hate leaving my house when it is cold and raining but how can I give up delicious cocktails? Now I can have friends over (in my pjs) and serve the perfect cocktail in 30 seconds. No waiting, no mess, no fuss and more fun!

With 23 delicious cocktails to choose from there is definitely something for everyone. The Budgie Smuggler cocktails are handmade by the bartender team in Melbourne. I am a huge advocate for supporting local and Australian businesses and these delicious and beautiful cocktails and mocktails are all hand mixed, hand poured, hand bottled and hand labelled in Melbourne.

If you know me, you know I am a sucker for a quality Espresso Martini. I recently moved house (officially 4 weeks now) and sadly we took a few weeks to buy a coffee machine which meant I couldn't make Espresso Martini's at home. Lucky for me, The Budgie Smuggler has premade Espresso Martinis and I never have to make a mess. Simply shake the bottle it is in or pour into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake for 30 seconds, strain and pour!

They even make the perfect gift packs! From individual cocktails to build your own packs (3 or 6 in a box) you are set for birthdays, will you be my best man or matron of honour gifts and more! You can even add gift wrapping and a note to make your life easier. Have it wrapped and ready when it arrives. They made the perfect addition to a set of cocktail glasses we picked up for a 30th birthday.

We tried the 6 pack (you can choose which 6 you like). Included was:

1. Cosmo

2. Love Potion

3. Blossom

4. Espresso Martini

5. Flower Power

6. Jade

After tasting these delicious cocktails, conveniently in my Instagram feed their Lockdown Blues premade cocktail came up in my newsfeed. With coconut rum, lime and blue curacao I needed it in my life. So, I quickly jumped online used my discount code ADRIANA10 and ordered a couple of Lockdown Blues. We enjoyed this with a splash of soda water!

Our favourite’s included the Espresso Martini (ofcourse), the Lockdown blues and Flower Power!

We enjoyed the Espresso Martini with some caramel popcorn while watching a movie! There is Spicy Maghertia's which are perfect for our Mexican themed dinner nights and all of them just match for a mezze night! I will definitely be ordering a few of them for a cheeky Friday night drink with dinner.

They are perfect for Covid safe picnics, sunny days at the beach, winter nights in front of the fire or just under a blanket watching a movie with some salty popcorn or even for your weekends away exploring Australia. They are perfect for any time, any where. That’s the main reason I love these cocktails. No stress, no mess and no prep. I can just pack them in my little esky and off I go.

We saved a couple for an at home date night and ordered a couple more in case it’s BYO at a party. I will be stocking our new bar unit in our lounge with a few extra of these cute bottles to make sure I am ready if anyone stops by.

The bottles are glass which means I can re-use them as well. Now that I am trying to make small changes to my life to be more sustainable and do my part for the earth this is great! I use some as water bottles in the fridge, keep cold coffee in them and a couple scattered around the house as mini vases.

The Budgie Smugglers are not only Insta worthy and easy to make but most importantly they are soooo delicious. All you have to do is keep them in the fridge and just shake and pour over ice. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. And you can serve them in the time it takes to say that!

But what if you’re a pro or want to try make your own cocktails from scratch? They have that covered to. From Bar tool sets, cocktail garnishes (to make them even more Intsa worthy) to cocktail making books you will be on your way to serving delicious cocktails in no time.

My next order I would love to try the White Choc Pina Colada (yes I didn’t make that up!) U.F.O (Watermelon based) and the subtle and smooth Prince cocktails.

Whether you want a cocktail or just a delicious mocktail mix (have them as is or add your own choice of alcohol) The Budgie Smuggler offers Australia-wide delivery options and international shipping by DHL! Don’t want to wait? Click and collect is also available.

Want to order a few? Don’t forget to use my Discount Code for a little $$ off your order. ADRIANA10. They even offer buy now, pay later with Afterpay. (LOVVEEEE AFTERPAY but don’t tell my boyfriend that hehe).

Which Budgie Smuggler cocktails will you try?

Enjoy, stay safe and drink responsibly friends. Don’t drive and make sure they are delicious.

Da Adriana. Xo

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