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WCD Transform program - Final Week

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Just like that 4 weeks have come and gone! My cleanse is over and was just in time for my date night!

The results are in! *Drum roll*

I am down 8.5 inches across my body and 3 kilos. I wanted to focus on measurements rather than weight as muscle weighs more than fat and the more I stress about weightloss the less I lose. Having collar bones again have been a highlight! I noticed the most difference on my stomach which also translated to my appetite and my new cravings. Instead of wanting something sweet or a carb as per usual, I now find myself wanting a piece of red meat! My skin is feeling and looking its best in a long time and I continue to not wear makeup. The benefits of this cleanse had an impact on my outside and inside putting me in a better mood and feeling happier in general.

Isolation really threw me off my normal eating habits. While at the office I had structured. Waking up the same time each day, arriving to the office by a certain time, morning ritual coffee (in your best interest you don't talk to me until I've had one), Lunch at a set time and then dinner. No time for snacks while at the office because if there are none around I won't eat them. Three months being surrounded by 2 fridges and countless cupboards of food plus extra time to cook meant I was enjoying the pasta/pizza life a little too often while snacking on all the biscuits that were 'meant for guests'. Since we weren't allowed visitors it seemed like it was a waste to just leave them there.

It had finally hit the point where I missed my old self. Feeling sluggish, looking tired and having pimples all over my face really took its toll and I didn't feel like myself. Usually energetic and love catching up with people, I had become lazy and complacent and kept thinking well I am already chubby what is one more cookie going to do.

Enough was enough and if I didn't start I was never going too. That's where Wednesday Cleanse Day came in and it has been a refreshing 4 weeks. That isn't to say I didn't have my ups and downs or cheat meals/snacks. The important thing I kept telling myself was that 'it was a cheat meal not a cheat week. You can do it. Start again'. Instead of going back into old habits of snowballing until it had been weeks and weeks of unhealthy eating I recognised what I was doing and would make up for it. Building new habits take time and I was eager to get back to the old me.

Gyms being closed played a huge part on becoming lazy. Finding a balance was important for me. I went from doing a crazy amount of exercise twice a day 7 days a week. To then reducing to once a day 5 times a week, then finding myself going once in a blue moon. Then lock down happened and gyms were closed so I wasn't exercising at all. This cleanse made me find my love for walking again and time for myself away from the computer,work and social media.

The last week of my cleanse I was enjoying The Slender Blender detox tea which helped keep me fuller for longer. I had my eating schedule down pat and portion control was being easier. I was averaging 2 Litres a day and had decided it was about creating a lifestyle that was practical not crazy. I found new ways to enjoy the food I loved in a healthier guilt-free way (example placing my burger bun with mushrooms for an extra veggie).

I have decided to continue following intermittent fasting since doing WCD and will continue to use the recipes which were provided. I am still working towards my goal but my fitness will always be a work in progress, competing to be the best version of myself not someone else. I love the taste of the cleanse and will definitely be using it to keep up my collagen intake (wish someone told me ages ago I stopped producing collagen at 20) and to continue to reach my health and fitness goals. The 3 day cleanse will definitely be my best friend for events leaving me feeling fresh and not bloated!

If you have any questions on my 28 day journey leave a comment!

Here's to setting new goals and feeling better.

Da Adriana. xo

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