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Wednesday Cleanse that I didn't start on a Wednesday.

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

The last 6 weeks in isolation have been filled with countless snacks, plenty of chocolate, cooking, carbs and of course my new favourite strawberry daiquiris. Unfortunately this was taking a toll not only on my weight (I had quickly gained 4 kilos), but also my

skin and routine. After some research I came across Wednesday Cleanse. They offer a sample to try before committing to the product which I automatically thought 'well this must taste amazing if they're willing for people to trial it before buying it.' So I did. I purchased my sample and here we are a delivery later. I got excited and ordered the 3 day cleanse and intermittent fasting pack.

3 day cleanse - Day 1

Started my morning by weighing myself. It was a Monday, best time I thought to start a new routine.

Each box contains 5 sachets. I decided I would take one at 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 5pm and 9pm.

I kept myself busy, did a light work out, before distracting myself by cooking dinner for the family. I know for me eating dinner is where I always get way too excited and eat everything I can find. I decided this would be the time I would have the 2 cups of Green Vegetables to ensure I was still apart of family dinner but not lose focus on what I wanted to achieve over the 3 days.

I drank 3L of water, a couple of teas and a Berocca to change it up and ensure I was having my vitamin C with everything that is going on.

I didn't have a headache until 9pm which I thought was fair for a whole day on a pink drink (which tastes delicious may I add). I decided to go to bed at 10pm to avoid the headache and temptation to snack.

Day 2 -

Slept like a log. Woke up and didn't snooze my alarm to continue sleeping as I usually would, which was a great achievement for me! Headache was officially gone. Started my day again with the same routine of 10am Wednesday Cleanse sachet, 500ml water, a tea and Berocca which kept me going until my next planned sachet at 12pm. I did a 28 min work out with 28 by Sam Wood. If I was going to do this cleanse I needed to add in some good habits that I could continue even after this was finished. By 4pm I was definitely beginning to feel hungry again, but this was expected as I had exercised. I enjoyed my Wednesday Cleanse satche hot this time because I thought it would take me longer to drink filling me up for longer.(Don't leave it for too long though, as it has Psyllium Husk it will expand with the water and become thick over time). I then enjoyed a tea before preparing dinner for my family. I went for a walk prior to eating my dinner with my boyfriend which let me get some fresh air into my day. Dinner was 2 cups of green vegetables (Broccoli and long green beans). Day 2 was much easier than day 1 which was interesting. I managed to stay awake until 1am not feeling hungry and didn't experience any headaches. WINNING!

Day 3-

I thought it might get harder as each day went on but to my surprise it became easier. Maybe because this time I actually wrote down my goals for the next 8 weeks and thought I had come this far to waste 2 days of cleansing.

It had now become routine to wake up, shower and then make my super quick Wednesday Cleanse drink. I stuck to my 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 5pm and 9pm plan.

I planned my meals for the rest of the week to ensure I was staying on track post cleanse. I got excited about going shopping for healthy vegetables and proteins. After these 3 days intermittent fasting doesn't seem so hard after all.

I may have forgotten to drink 2 of my sachets on day 3 which definitely took its toll. Morning 4 I was ready for a proper meal and needed food as I hadn't had the extra 2 sachets.

Results are going to differ for everyone as each body is different and react to products differently. Overall the main answers you're looking for is how much weight did I lose, does my skin look better, am I less bloated, would I recommend it and do it again?

Weight - I lost 1.5 kilos which are probably water weight. This for me wasn't about a quick fix weight loss result. I needed to get back into a routine for my 8 week challenge and start with a clean fresh body which I achieved through this.

Skin - My skin is softer and a little bit clearer. From these results in 3 days I am excited to see my skin in 28 days from my intermittent fasting set boxes.

Bloated - By day 3 I could definitely tell a difference. It wasn't a massive difference but there is only so much you can do in 3 days and I am highly aware it is my fat now that I need to burn.

Recommend - Yes! It tastes delicious and a bonus it has collagen peptides which is major bonus points for me. The taste definitely hooked me in. I have tried various products for burning fat, detoxing and so much more but this is the best thing I have ever drank. I would recommend this to people who are doing intermittent fasting as a drink to start their day before their first meal.

Would I do it again - Personally, yes 100%. This cleanse is perfect for preparing for an event or wanting to start a fresh routine. If I am feeling sluggish again I will re-evaluate in 3 months. I will be continuing my journey with intermittent fasting and a sachet of Wednesday Cleanse each morning to get me through until my first meal at 12pm.

Hope this helps any one deciding to try this product. Definitely give the trial sachet a go (while they last) and try it for yourself as everyone's taste buds are different as are results. :)

Da Adriana xo.

Visit to order. Use ADRIANA15 for 15% off and get your hands on a rosegold straw while stocks last.

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