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You are perfect!

Cue: You are beautiful by Christina Aguilera

Sadly our generation struggles with accepting and loving ourselves the way we are.

From Botox to detoxes to achieve 'what we are meant to look like' according to social media, advertising companies and the runway, we are constantly exposed to so many reasons why not to love ourselves and less reasons why we should.

I have had my fair share of negative thoughts, trial and error of diets, exercise and thinking if I lost weight I would be happy. Not sure why I thought a specific number would make me happy or should define my happiness but for a long time it did.

I would never want my child or friend to think negative thoughts about them self, that they are not good enough or needs to pay to alter the way they look or destroy their dreams because they are not the norm. So why should I think these negative thoughts?

I decided to start looking at things differently. What I have instead of what I don't have. I have two legs, two arms, a voice, my vision, my ability to cook, my love for marketing and the work I do, amazing friends and family who support me no matter what (and no matter what I look like) I can walk and if I put my mind to things I can achieve anything I want, I can have a balanced life of cocktails, pizza and pasta while also being healthy.

There will always be someone skinnier then me, more beautiful and I am okay with that because I am me and we are all different in every single way. I don't want to be someone else. Yes, I am short, I have big hips, I am loud, I have curly hair and I enjoy every day. These small things are qualities some people would love to have. Instead of comparing I decided to love me for me and embrace all of me because out there is someone who wants what I have. I was too busy wishing for what others had, I was missing out on life and enjoying not what was right in front of me.

From my body, to my mind, all my thoughts, ideas, dreams, how I love, care and treat people. I am embracing it all. I am proud of the loud Italian girl I am and even my imperfections make me perfect because they are mine. That's not to say a few less acne scars wouldn't be great but they are there and something I can fix by looking after myself.

It is time to let go of the image we have of 'perfection'. Even those we classify as 'perfect' have their own insecurities. At the end of the day you have one body, one chance, one life and it is time to enjoy, embrace and love every minute and inch of it.

Our experiences have made us who we are. The lessons you have learnt have created the amazing person you are. Each and everyone one of us deserves happiness and self love. It starts within and the mind is a strong and powerful thing. Remember positivity is a choice and we are all made different for a reason.

I am so grateful to the powerful, strong, positive, beautiful souls who are not only my friends but my family. I have so many inspiring women in my life who constantly keep me grounded and motivate me while also being realistic to look at thinks differently.

You are wonderful and you are you. Do things that make you happy, not someone else. Make changes that help you grow and improve because you want too. Make good choices and maintain balance in every aspect of your life. And please respect and motivate one another.

Each day is a new day. Your body does so much for you. Thank it, embrace it, love it, cherish it and look after it!

Da Adriana.


Comment below the reasons why you love yourself!

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