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Coffee snob

Being a Melbournian it is in our blood to be coffee snobs, plus having been a barista myself I think I am even more judgmental. My coffee order is pretty standard: Full cream latte with no sugar but somehow places seem to still mess it up or burn my milk, not make it hot enough or it is just their coffee beans in general.

Here are my top 6 takeaway coffee places I can't go passed especially when I am on my daily walk which is now restricted to 5km. But no complaints here I am spoilt for choice around me for some quality coffee and lucky that Victoria is still allowing takeaway! Otherwise my poor coffee blood might actually turn to normal red blood.

Drip Cafe - Cheltenham

Hate waiting in line? Me too. Drip cafe has you sorted with the Skip app to place your order ready for you to pick up and go. Quality coffee without the wait, winning.

POP-UP Coffee Window - 10 Balcombe

Pretty, Pink, coffee, St Ali coffee beans... do I need to say more? This convenient coffee window has opened up at 10 Balcombe Road in Mentone. Brightens my morning via the vibrant building and quality coffee. During COVID this has been a great addition, I can go for my walk, order my coffee from outside while being at a safe distance from others.

This building has been a market place, warehouse, food bank and used for photoshoots. It is open 7 days a week and the perfect photo wall.

Huff Bagelry - Mentone

Consistency is key! At Huff Bagelry it doesn't matter who makes my coffee or what size I order it always tastes the same. While I'm at it I sometimes get a cheeky blueberry bagel with cream cheese because why not?

Stanley - Mount Waverly

Oh Stanley! What can't you do. From their coffee, bacon and egg muffins to their entire breakfast menu. This is one place I can't not go past when trying to achieve 10,000 steps a day. This is not only my go-to coffee shop but my brunch destination too! Their chilli eggs are to die for. I can't wait to be able to dine in again and order one of everything from their menu.

Little Sparrow - Chadstone shopping centre

I am loyal to Little Sparrow downstairs in Chadstone near Myer. They make my latte perfect each and every time, making my weekly grocery run better by starting my morning with a perfect coffee.

The Hydrant Espresso Bar - Melbourne CBD

A CBD favourite of mine. Working in the city there is an abundance of coffee places to choose from, but it doesn't always mean they are good. I have tried my fair share of coffee places. I was trying a different coffee place each morning for months, venturing around the city. Finally The Hydrant Espresso Bar conveniently popped up behind my building in Little Collins street serving the best coffee. How lucky am I?!

Where are your go to coffee stops within your 5km radius and where do you want to go when the radius restrictions have lifted?

Da Adriana


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