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My ultimate pre-cleanse

Clean, makeup free skin shouldn't be hard or take you forever to achieve especially if you are using the right products that do the job which means you use less and spend less. As I have become older my skin has become more important. I wish I could go back and tell 16 year old Adriana to be delicate with my eyes and wear sunscreen everyday but here we are now trying to look after what I have. Sadly I suffer from adult acne aswell while battling wrinkles, fun for me!

I don't wear makeup often, to be honest mainly because I am super lazy but also because I found my skin looked worse when I was trying to cover my pimples. Thirdly because I used to find no matter how many times I wiped my face with 'makeup remover' wipes there was always makeup that would still come off, even 7 wipes later. Removing makeup properly has become really important to me but without drying out my face.

I found this cute little beauty originally at Endota Spa, for the size I thought it was worth a try. I Took it home and loved it from my first wash, especially with mascara. Unfortunately I have those annoying eyes which make my mascara run underneath them like I've been crying and smudge all under my eyes. (Missing my fake lashes so much right now) but this cleanser wipes it right away. I have a mini one in the shower (which I refill and take travelling) and full sized on my bathroom bench for those nights out so I can find it quickly.

Now it might seem obvious but it is called a pre-cleanse for a reason because this is not the only step. It is the first step before you cleanse because cleansing technically doesn't work if its removing makeup and not cleaning your skin layer under it.

This oil based makeup remover pre-cleanser doesn't leave my skin dry BUT wait for it, I said oil based right... it doesn't leave my skin oily, especially for my skin type. I don't need a moisturiser, so this product not leaving it oily but moisturised at the same time is a massive win. LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE.

I am all for tester size products. Both Mecca and Endota spa stock 30ml sample sizes of this product. I always need to trial a product to see how my skin reacts before committing to the larger size. This is definitely one I have not looked back and continue to order the big bottle with no hesitation and the small bottle has come in handy for holidays.

I hope this cuts down your makeup removal time before bed, to get those extra ZZZ's in each night while leaving your skin fresh and clean.

Da Adriana xo

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