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WCD Transform program - Week Two

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Even after 14 days this drink still tastes amazing to me! I think I have really started seeing results in week 2. I suffer from acne, have a few scars on my face from these and wake up with puffy tired eyes in the morning. Since starting WCD my skin has improved and I don't wake up looking tired with puffy eyes (THANK-YOU COLLAGEN). It really is my all in one morning pick me up.

I decided I didn't want to focus on weightloss during this journey and appreciate the changes that were occurring from what I could see as it all starts from the inside and works its way out.

I promised in my last post I would include a few pictures of what I have been eating. The recipes are super easy and quick. I usually snack while I am cooking usually because I get home starving from work and preparing dinner and cooking it seems to take forever. Working from home has been a huge help getting my eating patterns in check and WCD ensures you have snacks throughout the day to keep your energy levels up and you don't feel like you're starving by dinner time. These recipes are balanced in ingredients and different each day keeping it exciting.

I have been changing the food a little bit. For breakfast I made homemade fresh zucchini fritters to replace my bread. I also alternated between vegetarian and meat meals replacing the chicken in my stir fry with baked Tofu. My turkey burgers I included gluten free breadcrumbs in my mix and replaced my slice of rye bread with lettuce as my bun.

My family is on the same food plan as I am, making cooking each meal so much easier instead of making 2 different dishes. I change my dad's a little bit adding extra meat or noodles to his dishes as he needs more calories in his day than I do.

Week 2 I have found I am more on track with my eating patterns with how often I am eating and my portion control has improved allowing me not to go hungry throughout the day.

Super excited to try the breakfast apple crumble!

I am so happy to be supporting and be supported by a product created by women for women! It is helping me achieve my health goals in a realistic manner with ongoing support, structure and includes beneficial ingredients that do not only focus on weight which is a huge plus for me.

My results so far are positive and motivating me to continue. I have more energy throughout the day, it has helped my goal of starting intermittent fasting, I am back on track with my food to pre-iso life, my skin has improved heaps and I have decreased my milk intake. Most importantly I am happy because I feel better and am eating better I am in a better mood and can focus on the important things in life.

If there is anything you would like to know feel free to leave a comment below (including my zucchini fritter recipe)!

Da Adriana xo

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